My Garden and Green House

This page is dedicated to the development of a Garden and Green House.

Planning stage started May 10th

Goals: I want to create a PVC greenhouse where the structure is also carrying water. The constant water pressure will help the rigidity of the structure and will add a good amount of weight to keep it in place. This will allow me to use either a drip system or misting/spray system. I am considering planting in the ground rather than in specific planting beds. This will use a little more water but will save on the costs of building planting beds.

Chose land area and size for green house.
Chose low cost design for assembly. I think the cost is actually going to be quite high due to the connectors costs of $1 – $2 per junction. Modularity will allow for sizing based on budget. Modularity and PVC construction will also allow for future expansion.

I need to find or figure out how to make or modify existing connectors to allow for an arced structure for stability and wind resistance.

Locate information on growth cycles to create time sheets.

Build greenhouse.

May 19th: Accomplished nothing by this date

May 24th: Spent a few hours creating a sketch up idea, realized that model was impossible to make to scale. Started over with a modular design and am creating the necessary pieces. Just filled in a few of the goals as I thought about them during the sketchup process.

May 29th: Completed the modular sketchup design for the frame. I have a 6×10 greenhouse, looks like it might be about $400 materials but I have not completed it yet.($150-250 just for fittings)

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