Reference Materials

There have been many sources that I have been studying over the last few months. I will try to list them here as I try to remember what I watched or read and what I gained of it.

One of the main themes I have learned is that everyone who makes a movie or writes a book has some very specific points they want you to hear and believe. It is up to you as the reader to dissect the truth from the propaganda. I always figure the more times I see and hear a recurring theme makes it more believable.

Fat to Skinny, Fast and Easy! by Doug Varrieur ISBN 978-1-4027-7133-0
This was the book I was reading when I saw the light on how I can change. Mostly it’s the parts talking about how carbs and sugars metabolize in the body and how the fat cells are switched from storage to supply. – I consider this a must read if you want to lose weight.

Various Movies – In no particular order, I will be watching these again to take notes, Perhaps I will eventually have a page for each item with more detail of what I found important to note.

The Beautiful Truth Interesting story about a teenager who hears about research done by Dr. Gerson. The Gerson therapy is using foods to cure disease naturally. Also hits on a few other problems and potential causes and the relationships between what we put into our bodies and our overall health.
Eating Well for Optimum Health This presents some interesting thoughts but not everything adds up the presenter is fat and does not really look healthy also the audience seems coached or are big fans.
Killer at Large: Why Obesity… The growing issues with Americas growing waistline. Must see!
Super Size Me This ended up focusing on the excess Carbohydrates in Fast Food.
King Corn Americas Corn Harvest, more talk about Corn and it’s uses in current foods.
How to Cook Your Life Kind of boring but has some interesting points on food from the perspective of a Zen practitioner from a local zen retreat.

PBS Special The Meaning of food This was a very interesting series. At1st talking about how the foods we eat really define who we are as a family and then as a culture. Finally ending up talking about eating for health.

Food, Inc. If you have not seen this movie it is a must watch. Everything you didn’t want to know about how our food is raised, grown, harvested, engineered, processed and consumed.

The Future of Food, Another interesting movie on the foods we eat and how genetically modified foods are becoming more and more popular with the chemical companies to make them rich.

Bad Seed: The truth about our food.  A lot of slamming of GM foods and how there is no regulations or testing to see if the gm foods are healthy or or not.

Food Matters: We are what we eat.. A lot of talk about nutrition and I found some interesting information on feeding your body to promote health. There was a bunch on the Gerson therapy method for healing Cancer and healing your body.

The Gerson Miracle another movie talking about the Gerson Therapy with many interviews both pro and con.

Dying to Have Known, One more movie looking at the Gerson Method with many good interviews both pro and con.

Change Your Food, Change Your Life. A pretty good movie talking about the nutrition we get from the foods we eat and how the foods you eat can effect every aspect of your daily life. The way you feel, The way you look, the way you view the world.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead A very inspirational movie extoling the virtues of Jucing and more specifically a Juice fast (only fresh juices for 10-60 days) as a kickstart to a new life.

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