Another couple weeks

It’s really interesting how I can lose a few and stick them right back on. I am revising my earlier thoughts..

I used to think that if you have a high carb day that you only miss the weight loss for that day. I think this is not so true…

It seems like I need to restrict carbs for at least 3 days in a row for the fat to stay lost. Which means that it seems like if I go off the loss goals for a day (huge burger or some other high carb meal/s) I seem to gain back the last 2-3 days losses.

I am still not too worried, I have slowed down the loss to a few pounds a week. I desire to hit 225 by the end of Oct. Then I will stay balanced till the new year.

These images were taken Aug 2nd 2010, 235 pounds – 45 pounds gone.

Edited my typos – lol

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I believe that every day is another beautiful day in paradise.
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