Long Time, No Post

I just realized that I have not posted any thing for a few weeks now. Too many projects not enough time in a day.

So I failed on maintaining my weight over the 3 week period. I managed to still lose 10 pounds. I wanted to maintain for a while so I decided to wait  some more time to see where I plateau based on my current eating habits.

It seems that with the new eating habits I can actually have Ice Cream daily without gaining weight. I asked myself how or why, The answer came in quite a surprising way…. The all natural Ice Cream from Marianne’s in Santa Cruz is pretty low on the carb scale. Well I/we guess/calculated that a single scoop is somewhere between 20 and 40 carbs depending on the flavors. So it does about double my intake otherwise but still saves a bunch over drinking anything besides non-sweetened beverages. And since a single 12oz. Pepsi = 28 carbs, I would much rather have Ice Cream after dinner than 2 Pepsi’s during the day.  I also believe the natural sugars used in the process for the ice cream are much much better carbs* than the manufactured sweeteners used by big company, pre-packaged products.

*Better Carbs = Less absorbency during the digestion process = Less potential to be stored as fat.

About Panahasi

I believe that every day is another beautiful day in paradise.
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